Rosso Kitchen Chair

Ultimate comfort. Refined leather cushion on mild steel frame.


The Rosso gives the design of a shell chair a fresh viewpoint. made from mild steel plate, which has the ideal balance of flexibility and support. Friendly, welcoming curves characterize the Rosso chair's form, and its rib-stitch cushion adds a striking, opulent touch while providing exceptional comfort.

The name, Rosso Corsa, alludes to a racing tribute; the color red is the worldwide motor racing color used by Italian teams to enter their cars. The stitch detailing pays homage to vintage sports cars.

Colour: Black
Sale priceR 5,999.00


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Modern Elegance

The Rosso was named after Rosso Corsa; meaning Racing Red in Italian. It’s in homage to the detailed leather interiors of the luxury sports cars. The detailing and comfort can be seen in our ribbed detail. Ultimate style that is matched with ultimate comfort.