Join the Rebellion

This is Dark Horse

This is Dark Horse


Your home has a story to tell, it’s your story and it’s made up of priceless, big and small moments of gatherings, laughter, quiet, and calmness.  

Every piece of Dark Horse homeware brings their own story to your home, reflecting timeless style, attention to detail, a modern edge and a little sense of rebellion. We rebel against trends and fads, believing in the true value of having homeware that is made to last from one generation to the next. Come and join our rebellion.

Our story:

Sit down, get comfy, let me tell you a story… 

Our story started in 2011 from a small apartment in Cape Town. Husband and wife team Jarrad and Lise, having studied architecture and interior design respectively in Johannesburg, set up a small studio to bring new, innovative and well-designed travel and homeware products to the market. “ Well, no one knew us when we arrived in Cape Town – We were outsiders, doing something new and different and wanting to upset the status quo” says Jarrad. The rebellion that started back then continues today as they work together to bring timeless, authentic and sustainable design to the market.  

Dark Horse – Celebrating 13 years of design that brings us closer together.

We design responsibly.

We purposefully design and craft our items with a sense of timelessness and style in mind. Our approach is centered on the belief that products should last and be robust, enabling this generation and the next generation to enjoy well-crafted pieces that are central to your home and the memories you make. It’s always about a good story.

We Craft sustainably.

From start to finish, we design with sustainability in mind. Our products are all made locally with locally sourced materials, minimizing the carbon footprint and contributing to the local economy. We’re dedicated to making products of the highest quality, so that they last longer, even offcuts are reused to create new and innovative designs so that every piece has a use. 

Our mantra has always been to; Repair, Reuse, and Recycle. Ensuring that products have a circular touch and can be cared for.

We invest in new technologies, new skills, new materials, and new talent. We’re always looking to push our connection to craft and deliver better products for you and the environment.

We believe the best stories start from a place of comfort.

We're the type of people who believe that the best memories are created with the help of good company. Rowdy friends on Pizza night, fort building on the couch; or the perfect dram in your armchair after a long week.

Comfort is a magic ingredient. 

We aim to bring people together, create moments were people linger longer and laugh louder. Were memories are made and stories are shared.

Welcome to the family.

When you buy a Dark Horse piece, you join our family. We’re a group of rebels, travelers, design enthusiasts, and curators of stories. Our brand offers inspired living through high-quality products, exclusive designs, and timeless style. We ensure products can be cared for, maintained, and provide lasting comfort. Because the pieces you curate are part of your story,