Outdoor Furniture - 2018

Dark Horse is a modern Cape Town design brand that creates luxury goods with a distinctive edge. We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new outdoor furniture range, perfect for the home or commercial spaces. Featuring a new line of designs as well as current products updated for outdoor use, all our pieces are built from locally-sourced fabric, steel, and timber, and offer a versatile summer style. Whether used as a range or independently, our outdoor series is sure to help you find a new way of enjoying nature and good company.

This summer, sit back, relax, and entertain outdoors with modern furniture designs that won’t tarnish or discolor in the sun. Made from quality outdoor fabric that is water- and UV-resistant, along with strong steel and tough hardwood timber, our furniture is built to last. Rain or shine, our new outdoor furniture series is the ultimate complement to a well-curated space. Entertain in style with unique and modern goods that never compromise on luxury or quality. Bridging the gap between furniture design and contemporary art, you can trust Dark Horse to add a stylish edge to any patio, deck, or garden. Whatever the season, our goods will make your outdoor spaces shine.



UV and water resistant fabric.



Galvanized and powder coated mild steel to avoid rust.



Untreated hardwood for natural ageing.


With an eye on the edgy side of style and sophistication, our furniture designers are redefining what comfort and luxury look like in the modern home. Sourcing the highest quality leather, steel and timber of South Africa, each piece is carefully designed and locally made with a fierce appreciation for quality craftsmanship. Our tribe of experts are well-versed in what makes a home both stylish and functional, and we strive to find the perfect mix of luxury, quality and comfort.

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