Dark Horse Design Studio is a Cape Town based Architecture & Interior Design studio.

With the intention of creating modern structures that are warmly minimal with careful considerations of light, space and the unique qualities of each project’s location and client. We’re focused on the craft and how things come together, with a deep respect for making things, spaces and buildings. Fundamental to our mission is the notion that a space, thoughtfully executed, can elevate the body and mind of its inhabitants and bring us closer together.

Crafting something is a journey and whether it be home or a commercial project, the right fit and vision is key.  We aim to provide strong design, respect for materials and professional execution that results in a space that is uniquely yours.

2023_DHDS_JN Portrait

Jarrad Nelson

N.Dip Architecture

Jarrad has over a decade of experience in the design industry through projects, product development and business management. He has a deep understanding of manufacturing and product detailing, allowing an approach that stems from tactility and lived spaces and how things connect. His design is focused on sustainability and a drive to create dynamic spaces that live well.

2023_DHDS_LN Portrait

Lise Nelson

BA Interior Design

Lise Nelson has over a decade of experience in residential design and product design. Her approach is a perfect balance of functionality and quality. Trained at Greenside Design Center, Lise’s philosophy is to create functional, simple and lasting design within the fields of product  and interiors, with an intense focus on the crafted detail. Lise searches for the balance between the complex and the simple, where honesty and sensitivity are illuminated through timeless aesthetics and natural materials

Dark Horse Design Studio

29G Gray Road

Paarden Eiland

Cape Town

C: 0728656705

E: jarrad@dark-horse.co.za

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