Hello Hamburg: We’re humbled to be opening our first international expansion in such a dynamic city.

Dark Horse: a candidate about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.

A fitting name when we started out in 2011… No one knew who we were and we didn’t really know what we were doing.

We’re always humbled when we look back at our journey. We remember the vital support from friends and family, but mainly from our clients. You, our clients, encouraged us when we needed it most. You brought your friends round and spent your hard earned money on a small local brand still learning to stand up and tell the world who it was.

It’s been five years… and we have a client roster that we treasure.

Now, we are gathering our energy and drawing on past learnings. We will need them to reach a new milestone we have set our hearts on.

Hamburg, Germany – Our first international office

Will you help us go global? We think that we can do so much more together!

Why Germany?
Based in Cape Town, we have a large German community and some amazing clients that always take our products overseas for presents and share the Dark Horse story in Europe.

We decided to jump on a plane and see what it was all about. In 2015 our director Jarrad Nelson, set out to meet people, see various cities and seek some market insights  in a short business trip to Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

With mixed responses, many flights, meetings, train rides and good Weise beer – He decided that there was something special ahead for Dark Horse in Germany, even if others didn’t see it straight away. The result is here we are!

Why Hamburg?

Hamburg has the second biggest port in Europe. The city speaks to us as a brand – It’s a big enough and small enough. It has the Alster! It has stylish and modern people but mostly, we met some amazing partners on this journey, that have opened their doors and helped us on this next chapter.

How does it work?

We are a registered German business – See our full details here.
This means the Dark Horse Brand UG is governed by German Law. We’re wanting to breakdown any barriers and continue to build trust with you – Our new client!
We have a small dispatch studio space in Hamburg, from here we are able to dispatch online orders within 24hrs and have meetings via appointment for product viewing.

You will be able to order from our full range – See more here.

We’re excited to grow, learn and build our European team. We hope to welcome you to the Dark Horse family.

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