Dark Horse:  A candidate about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds.

We’re expected to follow the rules, a single path. What is expected.

Dark Horse is a statement made by the professional – those who draw their own map and take on the world. We live compelled  – At Dark Horse we represent a spirit in all of us, a driving force, something that embraces new experiences and welcomes adventure – Something that challenges the rules.

Our choices combine a lifestyle of adventure with elegance and style. An understated sophistication.

Through a passion for detail and the utmost respect for craftsmanship. Using the finest locally sourced materials, Dark Horse develops bespoke products for Home / Work / Travel.

Through a refined batch process we balance the best in handmade production and global supply.

Made in Cape Town. Enjoyed worldwide.



Dark Horse was born out of the rebellious passion and ambition to shake up the status quo. Jarrad and Lise Nelson are a husband and wife team that respectively studied architecture and interior design in Johannesburg. After many years of working on a variety of projects – Adventure called and they set off to travel across the UK and Europe -Meeting, seeing, living. ” Adventure, the unexpected and drive to connect has always been with us”


Having moved to Cape Town they searched for locally designed and produced furniture that met their appreciation for deign and craftsmanship. Something that met high end standards and that was not bound by fashion trends.

With nothing available – They channeled their passion for design & the objects that we curate into a new adventure – Dark Horse. Dark Horse represents a spirit in us – It’s an expression that speaks to that voice, that different is better, that we shall challenge the rules and that whilst we may not know the route, we shall find our way and when we do, we shall break through. The products from Dark Horse allow us to tell the story of our rebellious nature.

Started in 2011. Dark Horse has been featured in multiple publications from GQ, Monocle, Wallpaper online, Visi, Conde Nast, LOUIS VUITTON and more.


Join us as we challenge the expected.

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